Logistics value-added services bring business opportunities


Logistics value-added services bring business opportunities
We are used to link the logistics industry to transportation, storage and so on, and the wealth brought by it is not a small amount. However, when I interviewed a group of logistics companies, I found that the provision of value-added logistics services may bring us more business opportunities. The so-called value-added service is to provide a variety of extended business activities based on the completion of basic functions and according to the customer's needs. If the definition of it is changed to a large scale, the customer can include not only the supplier itself, but also the logistics enterprise and so on. Transfar logistics base is a good example, it is not in the logistics industry itself, its purpose is to build a platform, on the one hand, through the enterprise itself visibility for logistics enterprises to expand into more sales channels, on the one hand, also according to the current needs, to provide all kinds of training for logistics enterprises, such as policy changes to adjust and so on. What's more, it can provide convenience for enterprises and reduce the no-load rate through the network construction of "the vast network". All in all, the opening of this base fully grasps the needs of logistics enterprises, and takes it as the downstream customer of the supply chain to find business opportunities. Of course, not every enterprise is capable of doing this. It needs sufficient capital, venue, popularity and government support, but this does not mean that smes cannot find business opportunities from value-added logistics services. During the interview, I came into contact with such an enterprise, which did not have its own transport goods or fleet, but it did a very skillful job as "matchmaker", setting up the red line between the goods transported by logistics enterprises and Banks, making full use of the current situation of the difficulty in borrowing loans, and engaged in the financial logistics industry. For example, A supplier to entrust B to transport goods logistics enterprises, the enterprise can through their own credit to help it in C bank loans, finally from the logistics transportation charges paid to B to get into, it can help logistics enterprise to retain customers, can also help suppliers loans, Banks are also at A relatively low risk to get A client, it may be said "the quartet win together". Such value-added services are also needed to make full use of suppliers, logistics enterprises and Banks. This gives us more ideas for development. When the logistics industry development to a certain stage, expand blindly transportation, warehousing and other business, has been difficult to meet the needs of customers, at the same time, with more and more into the enterprise, which is bound to produce price competition or the phenomenon of "the big fish eat small fish", therefore, in which new entrants want to find business opportunities, and avoid the traditional logistics industry "into the low threshold, high development threshold" of the status quo, to seek value-added services is a good opportunity, such as special open a consulting company assist the logistics enterprises in employee training, or to develop a software service dedicated to assist enterprises to manage customers and so on. Of course, all these are just ideas, how to implement, how to profit from the "big cake" of logistics, but look at the wisdom of the masses.

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