Kenya Marine LCL

Aging: about 45 days after loading;

Services: double clearance to warehouse;

Freight: prepaid or collect;

Advantage: proprietary custom clearance, seamless docking at home and abroad.


Kenya airfreight

Aging: 7-10 days after warehousing;

Services: double clearing tax to warehouse;

Freight: prepaid or collect;

Advantage: 2-3 flights per week, self - standard clearance.


PVOC inspection

Aging: complete data, 2-3 working days for single inspection;

Advantage: work closely with national inspection agencies;

Services: a strong team.


Kenya featured double clearance

Aging: about 14 days after arrival at port or storage yard;

Self-customs clearance: with customs departments to establish a good relationship;Work closely with the bureau of standards (KEBS);

Designated storage yard:enjoy 30 days rent-free service; Establishes a strong partnership with a partner transporter, able to simultaneously arrange the transportation of 50 containers/days, 15 flatbed trailers/days;I have accumulated rich experience in transporting overweight, ultra-high, ultra-long and ultra-wide goods.

Focuses on the clearance and transportation of engineering materials: equipment such as excavators, levellers, loaders, rollers, dump trucks, cranes, asphalt spreading vehicles, tower cranes, etc.Hardware tools, equipment accessories, formwork, scaffolding, concrete admixture, etc.Power equipment, such as large transformer (80T), wire and cable, iron tower, etc.Pipe materials, such as water supply pipes, oil supply pipes, etc.;

Customs clearance: declaration of goods is very accurate, customs inspection and follow-up in place in time to ensure smooth customs clearance and fast customs clearance;

Customs clearance of goods in market: very accurate control of tax rates and taxes, easy inspection, fast customs clearance.

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