Guangzhou Songhong International Shipping Limited is an international freight forwarding company established on July 29, 2011 with the approval of the Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce. The company is mainly engaged in marine transportation and road transportation. At the same time, it provides customers with professional logistics services such as cargo distribution, warehousing and trailer declaration and third-party logistics solutions. The business focus is on the import and export of shipping containers from China to Africa and the Middle East. In addition, in August 2015, our company established a branch office in Kenya (SONGHONG FREIGHT SERVICES LIMITED), which mainly undertakes the customs clearance logistics business of the port of MOMBASA.
         Based on its own strength and integrity, the company has established a long-term strategic partnership of mutual trust and win-win with many shipping companies (such as MAERSK LINE, PIL, COSCO, etc.). At the same time, in order to fully meet the needs of customers, we and the port terminals. The Customs, Commodity Inspection Bureau and other institutions maintain good relations and solve problems encountered in actual operation for customers. In order to better serve customers, we provide professional warehousing services in Guangzhou, providing various customs clearance and customs clearance services. According to the special requirements of Kenya Customs inspection, our company has set up a special COC inspection team in China to provide customers with a full range of inspection services. In addition, our overseas branch (SONGHONG FREIGHT SERVICES LIMITED) and the destination port customs have established a relationship of mutual trust and cooperation, specializing in customs clearance of engineering materials, double-clearing of bulk cargo, double clearing of market goods, and double clearing by air, to solve the purpose for customers. The difficulty of customs clearance in Hong Kong.
        With integrity and strength, the company is looking forward to growing up with friends from all walks of life to create a better future! !
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