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There are many problems that restrict the development of private logistics, such as capital, mode, cost, management, and industry environment. At first glance, problems are everywhere. It seems that people have no way to start. We put aside all external factors and discuss from the most core part of the special line logistics, what is the core competitiveness of the special line logistics and what should be the focus of the reform of the special line logistics.
At present, there are many forms of special line logistics: the trunk transportation of traditional logistics enterprises (sub-carriers), the trunk transportation of express enterprises, the trunk transportation of logistics parks, and the trunk transportation of enterprises themselves. Here we select the most representative traditional logistics enterprises (bulk transport enterprises) with the largest number to analyze.
What is the core competitiveness of private logistics? What do we value most when we choose a logistics company? Freight rate? Speed? Security? Everyone has some important factors. Let's review the delivery scene and see the delivery experience brought by each factor.

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